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Within 7 days you will see the best dive spots what the Red Sea offers. These dive safaris are conducted by divers for divers. We emphazise scuba diving and great dive spot selection. Our yacht suited for diving safaris, familly safaris, fishing or private tours.

Red sea has a huge array of wildlife—more than 1,000 invertebrate species, as well as 200 species of coral.

Our target is providing of smooth service for a low cost price.

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The boat has a wide range of relaxing places on the board. From sun decks you can everyday watch the sunset over the Red Sea. All cabins offer comfort through the air condition and mini bar storage. All the rooms are with a sufficiently wide beds.

The crew has been working together for many years without new hires. A great team of friendly, easy to talk people what are taking care about your safety during whole cruise. Especially our professional cook is happy to take care of our guests. We have prepared the fresh food everyday after the each dive.

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