About the boat

The steel boat was built at Alexandria, Egypt in 2004. Since that she was rebuilt a few times and now she is getting more modern every year at the drydock. A yacht is generally able to moor up close to the dive sites or zodiacs are delivering you and your gear right to the heart of the action.

At the moment there are several open air areas around the boat, with teak sun beds, matress and chairs as a proper places for relax after the dive.
Total pax 26 people. 37m long, separated saloon, individual AC. 


  • Class: GOLD
  • Material: Steel
  • Lenght: 37 m
  • Breadth: 8,30 m
  • Engines: 2 x 1150 hp Mercedes
  • Propulsion: 2 x 750 hp Doswan
  • Generators: 2x 80 KW + 1x 60 KW (electricity 24 hour/per day) Aquaset System, 25x fresh water tank, 2x water desalination unit 5000 Lit/ Day
  • Maximum Capacity: 26 pax + 2 dive guides
Star Jet Boat technical details

Accommodation details:

Star Jet accommodation details


13 double cabins are specially furnished for the utmost comfort of our divers. The separate beds are side-by-side. They come with individually controlled air-conditioning, ensuite bathrooms with shower, mini bar.

Star Jet accommodation details


The spacious panoramic saloon, on the sun upper deck level, is well-equipped with a bar, TV/VCR,DVD, stereo system and CD player.

Star Jet accommodation details


Very spacious restaurant having large dining tables and plenty of space for the 3 meals and the cocktail parties. Additionally the stable charges provides you comfort during the meals.

Star Jet accommodation details


The sun deck and fly bridge have plenty of room for sun lovers' while also providing shaded areas in the fresh air. Enjoy a freshly Cocktail while watching the spectacular sunsets in the Red Sea.

Star Jet accommodation details


Shaded space on the +1 level (next to the living room), with tables, poufs, mattresses and sofas. Great for lazy resting time.

Star Jet accommodation details


A well-organized space for preparing to diving. Each diver has own numbered, permanent place and wet suit hanger. There is the table for preparing photo/video equipment, swallows for storing delicate equipment.

Star Jet accommodation details


A wide dive platform, from. Two diving ladders allow efficient and safe exit from the water.

Star Jet accommodation details


The success of the trip determines the quality of the service. This can only be guaranteed by the experienced and professional crew, supervised by a great captain. We ensure it: Captain Hamata holds the stere.


  • Services is provided 24 hours/per day made absolute convenience and comfort at sea. The crew take care about the constanly refreshments in the form of fruit drinks and cocktails, specialy right after leaving the water.
  • 3 main meals are accompanied by two amply snacks. Our own candymaker on board twice everyday produces delicious homemade pastries and cakes.
  • Helping hand of captian are 9 staff members. By two zodiacs they always connect divers to the most convenient places and wait them to the end of the dive to help out.